Baker Street is a licensed and bonded Private Investigation Firm. We are professionals in the industry and maintain a staff of fully qualified investigators in practical experience and academic qualifications. Our Family Services portfolio offers investigative and surveillance work in a variety of fields.

Infidelity: Want proof? Undercover, surveillance, decoys.

Missing Persons: Investigation conducted to determine and confirm where-abouts and identity.

Matrimonial Investigations: Location of hidden assets, surveillance, general inquiries, assistance in the validation of client's claim.

Child Custody: Divorce and separation often results in disputes over the children's welfare. Call us and prove your case.

Harassment/Bullying: Does your child complain about inappropriate behaviour for his peers that affect his emotional and mental health. Nobody listening to you? We can document your case.

Personal Credit: Are you having problems establishing or re-establishing your credit? We can do on the spot credit inquiries for you and assist you in having negative comments removed.

Consumer Advocacy: We can assist you in having an item replaced or rebated.  We can also type and file any court documents which you prepare.

Baker Street understands discretion is key to successful projects.
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