Investigate before you invest. Since 1982 we have offered assistance to distinguished law firms and corporations. Baker Street Agency can provide references to guarantee our work and results.

Fraud: Investigations common to arson, insurance, missing persons, theft, real estate, bankruptcies. Follow up on aircraft and marine disasters.

Insurance: Surveillance, photography, video claimant assessment relevant to all personal injury claims. Long term, short term disability assessments.

Disability: Are you paying out thousands of dollars monthly to employees that may be ready to return to work. Use our surveillance and undercover groups for unbelievable results. References available.

Loss Prevention: External and internal theft are common problems to most businesses. We provide integrity shopping, service reviews and investigators to provide target hardening or long term contract surveillance.

Personal Injury Claims: All the investigation experts required are found at our office. Statement taking, video, still photography. We provide the best undercover operators in British Columbia.

Baker Street understands discretion is key to successful projects.
Can you spot the investigator in this photo?

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