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Our firm has expertise in missing persons, internet security issues, online dating background profiles, estate matters, surveillance - urban and rural; moving and stationary, locating missing property and is renown for their charitable work in the community.

Kathy Matak, owner of Baker Street Agency, a private investigative firm and risk management company, has extensive experience in private and public policing, training, program development and business management. She has instructed in the field of law, report writing, surveillance, and professional sales at various local schools and colleges. As program coordinator and developer under the auspices of the Canadian Society for Industrial Security and the Justice Institute of B.C. over a ten-year contract period she wrote, taught, developed and promoted courses which were precursors to todays mandatory security guard training. She has served on various industry and community boards which have expanded her views on the need for private investigators.

Baker Street Agency has built its reputation on serving both the private and legal community in the field of investigations. They have worked on prominent criminal defense cases and are renowned for locating missing persons. Most recently their profile has extended to verifying the backgrounds of online daters - successfully identifying several fraudulent persons. Ms. Matak has been interviewed on CBC nationally as well as locally in the area of internet security issues.

She is currently active on various community Boards and has built a positive community reputation based on volunteer involvements. She was a moderator for the community SFU based Philosophers Café. At present she also teaches investigations throughout the Lower Mainland. She has an educational background in criminology, forensics, accounting and has completed completed the preparatory course for notarial applicants  Additionally, one year was spent overseas in Croatia handling missing persons and refugee issues.

In 2009 she completed two investigative books - Basic of Retail Security for Store Detectives and Open Sources of Information for Private Investigators.

Her staff are experienced and detailed investigators - each contributing his or her own speciality to the organization.

"The role of an investigator is changing. We are professionals in the industry and our staff exhibit that through not just their experience and knowledge but through education."

Services we offer include:

Estate Searches — Missing Persons —  Check your Mate Out
Credit Inquiries — Landlord — Tenant Disputes
Mediation — 
Surveillance — Undercover

Community involvement

Baker Street Agency believes that security and awareness begin at the community level. We have volunteered, supported and donated to the following institutions:

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