Here are a few of the numerous testimonials we received following our interventions. Make sure you also visit our Media section to listen to radio interviews and read newspaper clippings.

"I have met Kathy Matak from Baker Street Agency to find a tenant who skipped, leaving unpaid rent and expenses behind. I had a claim approved but without an address, my claim was going to be dismissed. Kathy found the location and phone number of my tenant within 14 days in another city! This guy was not easy to find, he had not changed his address on any of his documents, no job, all his bills are still going to an old address because he doesn’t want to be found by creditors. I found Kathy to be very friendly, reliable and very efficient with her work. She gets the job done. I would recommend her to anyone who needs a good private investigator."

Ana G.

"I have had a working relationship with Ms. Matak since the mid 1980’s and more recently with her Baker Street Agency. I have knowledge of their abilities to perform surveillance, personal injury investigations, missing persons and other confidential investigations. The work is detailed, thorough, discreet and accurate. I have always found their reports to be extensive and without loopholes. I not only recommend this firm to other agencies, but I have also referred a number of my own staff to Ms. Matak over the years."

Ralph H. Yeomans, Manager
Parking Operations & Enforcement
City of Vancouver

"My law firm has worked with Kathy Matak of Baker Street Agency for the past couple of years. I have used Baker Street's services for various legal investigative matters and I found that Kathy Matak carried out the work, on behalf of Baker Street, in an efficient and professional manner. I intend to use the services of Baker Street Agency in the future, as the work they did for me was of a great deal of assistance to me."

W. Gerald Mazzei, Attorney
Goluboff & Mazzei

"Thanks for your efforts to find my long lost brother! You made a difficult endeavor for me so much easier."

Linda P.

"Thank you so much for your prompt and efficient service."

C. T.


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